abseiling barcelona

Sometimes i don’t understand the grades given to climbs around Catalunya. I don’t know if there is some superhuman cragrat running around putting up new lines and declaring everything ‘Super Facil!’ or whether I’m just weak, but everything seems to be harder than it’s supposed to be. If the local guidebook says its a anything between 5c and 6c treat it with caution, it’s probably going to shred your fingers or require a bouldering problem at 30 feet. Or maybe I’m just moaning because my fingers now feel like someone took a cheese grater to them and then soaked them in chilly oil. Probably.

Anyway this all came about from a trip to Premier de Dalt to check out some of the short climbing routes that are hidden away on the huge boulders that pepper this lovely piece of woodland.
The venue is s short ride or walk from the town and can be reached by taking a left turn on the corner before the Bishop’s Seat viewpoint. Then head up a dirt track for few short minutes until you see two big boulders on your right. The main area is just tucked away to your left. 
The rock is gritstone with some quartz in there for good measure and much of the climbing is very slabby. To be fair we were here at the wrong time of year, the best time to climb these giant balls of sandpaper would be in very cold temperatures so you wouldn’t have to deal with any moss or slippery rock. However Eugenio and I chose a lovely warm Autumn afternoon to head here, of course, so we were skidding around on there like a couple of drunken ice skaters. Plus did I mention all the lines were much harder than they were supposed to be? Yeah? I’ll be quiet then.
It was a good day out, will definitely be leaving the gritstone till the winter sets in though and stick to my beloved limestone for now. I did find some lovely mushrooms though. Bonus!