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Hiking in Secret Montserrat

When people think of hiking in Catalonia they immediately think of Montserrat with it’s incredible Monastery, it’s one of the most iconic sights in Spain. Most tourists are herded toward the monastery and up the steps to the peak and while this is fine for them, we are looking for more of an adventure. Fortunately there is some secret hiking in the natural park of Montserrat that is only known to the local guides. Our man Sergi is just one of those people.
Sergi took the group through the belly of Montserrat past a famous UFO spotting area where lights have reportedly been seen in the sky, unfortunately the ET’s must have been having on a siesta because we didn’t see any.
Navigating through dry riverbeds and up ancient forest trails we broke through the tree line out onto the peaks where we found ourselves above the clouds, surrounded by groups of  rock climbers scaling the summits.
Next we traversed the rib of the mountain around some crazy rock features eventually reaching a refuge built into the side of the mountain where climbers and hikers alike meet and stay for days while they explore this spiritual place.
Our journey down was no less adventurous as we found ourselves immersed in the wonderful smells of Rosemary coming from some of the largest Rosemary bushes I have ever seen before winding down a trail that lead to an old chapel that has been repurposed and is now another refuge for mountain dwellers.
Eventually the track led us out of the parc back to the car and we headed back past Sant Cugat to Barcelona tired, muddy and still in awe of this incredible experience hiking in Catalonia.



Vall D’Nuria With Ice Bath Challenge

Now this was a crazy hiking excursion! We traveled to the spectacular Vall D’Nuria and hiked up the famous trail that eventually leads to the Sanctuary, however that was not our destination, we were hiking to the huge waterfall two thirds of the way up the mountain. We started by the train station and took the famous Cami Vell trail which is steeped in history and incredible views.
Once we arrived Greg sat the group inside a nearby shelter and prepared them mentally for the ice bath challenge using Soma breathing techniques to increase their energy and calm their minds.
Once they were ready we walked with the group to the pool below the waterfall where we engaged in a warm up routine before plunging into the ice cold water. At first everyone found it difficult but guided by Greg everyone calmed themselves and found they could stay in the freezing cold water far longer than they had thought. It was as if the cold didn’t matter anymore.
Once we got out of the water it felt like our bodies were on fire and we felt a rush of energy and clarity. We dried off, put our clothes back on and headed back down the mountain via a different path not many people travel. It was an incredible experience, a fantastic day and one I hope to do again very soon.



La Mola

The hike up to the top of La Mola is a perfect of example of one of our less technical hikes that still rewards the guests with outstanding views and a genuinely fulfilling experience. It always helps when you have an awesome guide like Mir who knows every trail and every useful plant. You could be forgiven for coming back with a backpack full of herbs and wild fauna to plant in your garden!
This is Montserrat’s little cousin and you have spectacular views of the sacred mountain itself from here but on top of that it seems every time we turned around there was a jaw dropping view just waiting to engulf us.
Hiking in Barcelona and Catalonia always feels like a spiritual experience but this feels more than most. It is a pilgrimage that many people make to get away from the hustle of the city but it never feels crowded. Quite the opposite, it’s incredibly relaxing and those people you meet on the trail are always friendly. We love it!




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