hiking and hiding from the shade

It happens to everyone… You’ve spent the night before laying all your hiking essentials out on the floor and then carefully put them into your rucksack in exactly the right order only to get out on the mountain and find the one thing you need is right at the bottom.

We know because it happens to us too.

There is no perfect way to pack your backpack, but over the years we have found what works for us best so we thought we would share it with you guys in a few key points that might just help you out next time you’re on a windy mountain top and you have to find your favourite bobble hat.

The Inside

From the bottom up

  • Put your sleeping bag in the bottom compartment. This keeps it dry and cushions the other items from the floor.
  • At the bottom of the main compartment put your change of clothing. It’s a wise idea to put these inside a waterproof bag first, even a shopping bag or a bin bag will do.
  • Next we like to put our stove and eating utensils but we keep them close to our backs as they are generally the heaviest items. Again its worth keeping them in something waterproof and perhaps pack some of that clothing you have just put in around these to keep them snug.
  • At the top of the main section we like to keep our first aid kit so it’s easily accessible.
  • The top compartment houses our extra layer, waterproofs, hat and gloves so we can quickly reach them when the weather changes.

The smaller compartments on the front are home to all the daily essentials such as sunglasses, snacks, sun cream and insect repellent alongside the navigation equipment. Guide books, maps, compass and pocket knife all go in. (If you are keeping loo roll or personal essentials keep them in here in a little cloth bag)

The Outside

Now it's time to pimp your ride

  • Your tent can be strapped underneath the bottom of your pack
  • Fuel and water canisters can then occupy the holders designed for their purpose or if you don’t have them find a way to strap them to the sides.
  • Finally your sleeping mat can join the tent at the bottom or even be strapped to the top, its super light so it’s up to you

And there you have it, a perfectly packed bag even Mary Poppins would be proud of.

Have fun out there!