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Collbató Montserrat

Rafa took the group climbing to Collbató and discover the mysterious mountain range of Montserrat where monks, hermits and supposedly aliens rub shoulders. We didn’t see any of them though because we were too busy sending some awesome climbing routes.
Rock climbing on Montserrat is an interesting experience. It requires a strange amalgamation of techniques because of the way the rock has been formed and how it has been weathered. Small pockets are created when pebbles fall out of the cement like mix that makes up the mountain and then the weather smooths them into shallow bowls. This different collection of features meant that this was also a day for pulling funny faces and as you can see from the pictures I’m sure the guys were having a competition for who could pull the funniest one.
In fact, the cool award for the day has to go to the 3 year old kid who sent the 5+ next to us without a single ounce of fear. We could learn a lot from this little guy. Respect!



Deep Water Soloing at Tossa de Mar

As the year progresses and heads into the heat of summer we change our venues and look for places to climb and swim. We left Barcelona in the morning and headed to a picturesque beach on the Costa Brava one of the hidden climbing places we have discovered. This beach is home to a small crag with interesting sport climbing routes of varying difficulty. The beach itself was crowded with sun seekers and climbing became very much a spectator sport as we became their entertainment.
It’s hot work climbing in the sun so we have a couple of breaks to do some snorkeling before we headed off the beach and walked around the coast to a hidden cove for some Deep Water Soloing!
For those who don’t know, Deep Water Soloing (or Psicobloc in Spain) is climbing without ropes over the sea. Not for the faint of heart! It’s my favourite form of climbing because it is the purest. Armed with nothing but your climbing shoes, chalk and your wits.
To their credit everyone in the group tried it but we all ended up in the water at some point! we finished the day with scrambling up to the highest point of the cove and jumping into the sea! After a bit of persuasion…
Our final destination was the little village nearby for a well deserved cerveca on a terrace, another wonderful day trip!



Vallirana with Helena

We have been very lucky to work with some amazing people and guides and Helena is no exception. She is a Catalan sport climbing legend and recently won the Spanish climbing championship.
On this trip she took the group to Vallirana, close to Barcelona, on the way to Lleida which is a huge climbing area with a ton of awesome lines of varying levels. Everybody in the group to the chance to learn from Helena, pushed beyond their limits, sending route after route with Helena’s guidance and finished the day proud of what they had achieved.
We finished the day with a visit to an awesome cave hidden in the surrounding forest before the customary beer on a local terrace and then headed home to Barcelona.




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