strong climbing crew
strong climbing crew

With climbing gyms now offering monthly membership fee at around the same cost as a regular gym, more and more people are weighing up the options and looking at whether climbing might be a better option for them. Here are 5 reasons why we think climbing beats the regular gym.

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Workouts are as hard as you make them

You can either smash it until your arms are about to fall off or you can laze around on the bouldering mats telling everyone how they should be doing it. Either way it’s a great session.


You can do it outside

Training and getting fit in the climbing gym directly effects how well you can climb outdoors. So get out there! There is so much variety in rock and venue you will soon discover the entire world is your gym!

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Tangible results

Lets face it, for most people going to the gym is about looking good first and keeping fit second. Climbing is about reaching your goals, getting lean and fit is just something that happens along the way.


Mind and body

Although climbing is a great all body workout it is also incredible for improving your mental agility, stress levels and ego management, After all climbers are basically solving complex puzzles, half way up a cliff, hanging on by their fingertips.

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Climbing is fun and always new

The climbing and bouldering routes in gyms are constantly being changed to make your workouts a fresh experience and of course there is a lifetime’s worth of the climbing and bouldering to be had outdoors where you can test your new found strength and mental prowess.

So there you have it. Five good reasons why climbing might be a better option than the gym. It’s worth remembering that you will never get “Big” climbing. Most climbers are lean and well toned with slightly overdeveloped forearms and relatively small chests (Regular push up sessions are a must for the consistent climber to keep the correct body posture). So if you’re into the Dwayne Johnson look then maybe climbing isn’t for you, but for everyone else it may well just change your life.